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Lightweight Medium Machine Gun

The next generation Lightweight Medium Machine Gun (LWMMG) gives warfighters a distinct advantage in both extended and close-in fighting. Eliminating the gap between 7.62mm and .50 caliber weapons, the LWMMG utilizes the highly efficient .338 Norma Magnum cartridge to offer unmatched accuracy and lethality while extending the battlespace out to an impressive 1,700 meters.

The LWMMG features General Dynamics’ revolutionary recoil mitigation system that offers a recoil profile similar to a 7.62mm NATO machine gun, but utilizing the much more powerful .338NM cartridge.

At 1,000 meters, the LWMMG is capable of defeating Level III body armor and incapacitating soft skinned vehicles by delivering over 1,900 foot pounds of energy to the target - more than four times the terminal effect of the 7.62mm NATO cartridge. Weighing less than 24 pounds and featuring a fully collapsible stock, the LWMMG offers superior mobility and portability in both mounted and dismounted operations.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems’ LWMMG is a simple, well-designed machine gun ideally suited to provide long range lethality and standoff to U.S. forces. The LWMMG’s portability and integration of standard optics combined with the superior ballistic coefficient of the .338 NM cartridge provide overmatch capability compared to all known portable machine guns in the world.


The LWMMG features a quick change barrel with fixed headspace and timing as well as integrated MIL-STD-1913 rails, allowing the use of a variety of optics, lasers and accessories.

The weapon’s simple assembly quickly breaks down into six functional groups, and all field maintenance is performed without the need for special tools. The LWMMG adapts to currently fielded tripods and standard vehicle mounts. The patented technology of the Short Recoil Impulse Averaging substantially reduces recoil and improves target retention during automatic fire. The light weight and low recoil of the weapon affords operators of all sizes the ability to carry and deliver lethal effects.

Operational Value:

The Lightweight Medium Machine Gun is a weapon system that greatly expands the operational capabilities of the warfighter. The weapon is ideally suited for both mounted and dismounted operations: the increase in effective range and lethality in a lightweight form is substantial for dismounted operations. The mounted configuration provides long range, accurate fires currently associated with the M2 Browning, but without the burden of a heavier weight.




Weight 24 pounds
Rate of fire

500 rounds per minute

Ammunition .338 Norma Magnum
Projectile 300gr Sierra HPBT, FMJ, AP
Muzzle velocity

2,650 feet per second

Barrel Length 24 inches
Max Effective Range 1,860 yards (1,700 meters)
Maximum range 6,170 yards (5,642 meters)
Mount M192 tripod, or various vehicle mounts and low recoil of the weapon affords operators of all sizes the ability to carry and deliver lethal effects.


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