Active Protection Systems

Bright Arrow

Firepower and Protection

Bright Arrow is a combined hard and soft kill active protection system (APS) and remote-controlled overhead weapon station.Based on proven Iron Fist sensing, jamming and intercepting technology, Bright Arrow integrates firepower, survivability and situational awareness into one system with weight, volume and power constraints designed specifically for light combat vehicles.

Bright Arrow utilizes a sensor suite and remote fire capability to rapidly detect, engage and overmatch threats typically encountered during military missions. The sensor suite provides robust detection capability of anti-tank threats and small arms bursts. The soft kill layer is based on a directional electro-optical jammer to engage a threat’s tracking and sensing behavior.

The interceptor-based hard kill layer protects against close-range anti-tank rockets and guided missiles by physically destroying or deflecting the threat a safe distance from the defended platform. The blast interceptor effectively destroys or deflects an incoming threat with minimal
fragmentation, minimizing collateral damage or injury to
nearby personnel.

The weapons station contains a 5.56mm or 7.62mm machine gun operated by a remote control unit with a 12-inch LCD on-screen display. The APS and overhead weapons station are mounted on a pedestal for 360 degree continuous coverage and day and night panoramic vision. Hardware and software mechanisms prevent false fire.

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems and Israel Military Industries (IMI) are teamed to provide vehicle integration and production of Bright Arrow.

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Remote-controlled Weapon Station (RCWS)

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