Armaments Aircraft Guns and Gun Systems 30mm GPU-5/A Gatling Gun Pod


30mm GPU-5/A Gatling Gun Pod


GPU-5/A Gatling Gun Pod


30mm Gatling Gun Pod
The GPU-5/A 30mm Gatling gun pod incorporates the four-barrel 30mm GAU-13/A Gatling gun and linear linkless ammunition feed system. It is the world’s only 30mm gun pod that fires armor-piercing GAU-8/A ammunition. This ammunition is capable of stopping amphibious vehicle assaults and destroying a wide range of armored mobile and fixed targets at extended ranges.

The GPU-5/A can be installed on the wing or body centerline stations of a variety of tactical aircraft. It has low recoil loads, is lightweight and contains its own power. The pod’s linear linkless feed system contains two layers of ammunition carriers surrounding the gun, which helps conserve space and weight. Each carrier captures and fully controls ammunition at all times. The GPU-5/A contains enough ammunition for five two-second bursts at 2,400 shots per minute.

30mm GPU-5/A Gatling Gun Pod Specifications

Gun Type GAU-13/A, four-barrel, 30mm Gatling gun
Weight Loaded Empty 1,905 pounds (866 kg)

1,373 pounds (624 kg)

Ammunition 30mm GAU-8/A (API, HE, TP)
Ammunition capacity 353 rounds
Rate of fire 2,400 shots per minute
Dispersion 6 milliradians diameter, 80 percent circle
Drive system Self-contained pneumatic (two loads per charge)
Feed system Linear linkless, double-ended
The world’s only 30mm gun pod that fires armor-piercing GAU-8/A ammunition
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