California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) complies with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (Cal. Civ. Code 1714.43) ("the Act") by doing the following:

1. Verification. As an integral part of a supplier being qualified to do business with GD-OTS and be included on the Qualified Supplier List (QSL), GD-OTS requires all prospective suppliers to complete a questionnaire and provide information about their business practices so that GD-OTS can assess the supplier's compliance in general. GD-OTS only does business with suppliers who successfully complete the QSL process. The verification process is performed by GD-OTS and not performed by a third party.

2. Audits. GD-OTS reserves the right to audit a supplier's compliance with GD-OTS's terms and conditions. Such audits would only be conducted if there was reason to believe that a supplier was not in compliance with GD-OTS's standards against trafficking and slavery in supply chains.

3. Certifications. GD-OTS's supply chain management process was recently updated to obtain a signed certification from each supplier. The certification states that the supplier represents and warrants that it is compliance with the Act and federal human trafficking regulations aimed to stop human trafficking and that Seller does not engage in forced labor, slavery, or human trafficking.

4. Accountability. General Dynamics' Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct ("the Blue Book") governs GD-OTS's ethics and business standards. The Code of Ethics includes, among other things, that our employees will comply with applicable laws and regulations. Human trafficking and slavery are illegal, and constitute a violation of the Blue Book by our employees and the terms and conditions issued to our suppliers. Such a violation would result in a disciplinary action against the employee. Additionally, GD-OTS has published a company-wide policy which requires specific adherence to all applicable U.S. laws and regulations relating to trafficking in persons.

5. Training. GD-OTS' policy requires an awareness program and notification to all employees and agents about GD-OTS' policy of ensuring that contractor and subcontractor employees and agents do not engage in trafficking in persons, the procurement of commercial sex acts, the use of forced labor, or the use of fraudulent/misleading recruitment and housing practices.


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