Forging Capabilities

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems has an extensive background, versatility and experience in precision and conventional forgings.

Our capabilities cover a wide variety of forging, welding, molding and finishing services just to name a few. Listed below is just a small sample of those capabilities at Operation locations across the U.S.

Welding - Weld systems to meet customer requirements, including special capabilities for copper and brass overlay onto steel.

Molding - Experience in meeting unique customer demands has resulted in a multifaceted molding facility with Rubber and Nylon Injection Molding.

Finishing - Automated and conventional systems provide efficiency and versatility to meet a wide range of needs, including Chemical Treatment, Phosphatizing, Zinc Plating, Chromating, Hard Coat Anodizing and Painting.

Conventional Closed Die Forgings - conventional forgings up to 800 square inch plan view. Conventional forgings include, but are not limited to: landing gear components, structural components, aircraft wheels, actuating arms, bell cranks, transmission housings, window frames and ordnance parts such as fins and wings.

Hand Forge - hand forgings up to 1,800 lbs.

Forming - For sheet metal parts, we utilize dies, fixtures, templates, CNC programs to produce parts ranging from simple stampings to complex formings.

A variety of equipment is employed including laser cutters, turret punch presses, shears, brake presses, rolls, stretchers, and sizers to meet prototype and production requirements economically.

For more information on specific Operation locations' capabilities:

Garland Operations

Red Lion Operations

Scranton Operations

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