Quality Clauses – Healdsburg

Clause #RevisionRevisedDescriptionView/Download PDFArchive
QR-000102/27/2019General RequirementsDownload PDF
QR-0002-02/27/2019Quality Management SystemDownload PDF
QR-000302/27/2019As-Built ConfigurationDownload PDF
QR-000402/27/2019Certification of ConformanceDownload PDF
QR-000502/27/2019Certificate of Compliance - Consigned Material and Turn-Key PWAsDownload PDF
QR-000602/27/2019Raw Material CertificationDownload PDF
QR-000702/27/2019Certification of Conformance - Material TraceabilityDownload PDF
QR-000802/27/2019Item SerializationDownload PDF
QR-000902/27/2019Lot Control and Traceability - Material/ProcessesDownload PDF
QR-0010 02/27/2019Lot Control and Traceability - ItemsDownload PDF
QR-001102/27/2019Container Lot NumberingDownload PDF
QR-001202/27/2019Calibration System/ReportDownload PDF
QR-001302/27/2019Right to Perform On-site InspectionDownload PDF
QR-001402/27/2019Source Inspection RequiredDownload PDF
QR-001502/27/2019Source Surveillance RequiredDownload PDF
QR-001602/27/2019Government Source Inspection RequiredDownload PDF
QR-001702/27/2019Source Surveillance RequiredDownload PDF
QR-0018A01/16/2020Inspection Report – Seller’s FormatDownload PDFRev: - 02/27/2019
QR-001902/27/2019Inspection Report – GD-OTS FormatDownload PDF
QR-002002/27/2019Inspection and/or Test Plan RequiredDownload PDF
QR-0021A04/06/2020AS9102 First Article Inspection ReportDownload PDFRev- 02/27/2019
QR-002202/27/2019First Article Inspection Plan RequiredDownload PDF
QR-002302/27/2019Baseline Process FreezeDownload PDF
QR-002402/27/2019Baseline InspectionDownload PDF
QR-002502/27/2019Risk NotificationDownload PDF
QR-002602/27/2019Supplying Controlled Shelf Life MaterialDownload PDF
QR-002702/27/2019Control of 3rd Part Independent Inspection/TestingDownload PDF
QR-002802/27/2019Product and Process Control Plan (PPCP)Download PDF
QR-002902/27/2019Special Process Review and ApprovalDownload PDF
QR-003002/27/2019Special Process Review and ApprovalDownload PDF
QR-003102/27/2019Tooling and Tool ProofingDownload PDF
QR-003202/27/2019Accuracy and Calibration of Inspection EquipmentDownload PDF
QR-003302/27/2019Buyer Material – Direct ShippedDownload PDF
QR-003402/27/2019Statistical Process Control (SPC)Download PDF
QR-003502/27/2019Drawing Key Characteristics (Cpk – Process Capability)Download PDF
QR-003602/27/2019Inspection Sampling PlanDownload PDF
QR-003702/27/2019Non-Production Part MarkingDownload PDF
QR-003902/27/2019Process Procedures and DocumentationDownload PDF
QR-004002/27/2019Foreign Object Damage or Debris (FOD) PreventionDownload PDF
QR-004102/27/2019Pure Tin FinishesDownload PDF
QR-004202/27/2019Purchase Order ReviewDownload PDF
QR-004302/27/2019Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) ProtectionDownload PDF
QR-004402/27/2019Safety Data Sheet (SDS)Download PDF
QR-004502/27/2019Inspection for WorkmanshipDownload PDF
QR-004702/27/2019Electronic Equipment WorkmanshipDownload PDF
QR-004802/27/2019Printed Wiring Boards/AssembliesDownload PDF
QR-004902/27/2019RMS PWB RequirementsDownload PDF
QR-005002/27/2019Soldering WorkmanshipDownload PDF
QR-005102/27/2019Pink-Poly Packaging RestrictionsDownload PDF
QR-005202/27/2019High Strength Steel Fasteners (LM-MFC Approval)Download PDF
QR-005302/27/2019MDA Silver Plated Copper Wire (Red Plague) ControlsDownload PDF
QR-005402/27/2019Ammunition/Explosive Lot DataDownload PDF
QR-005502/27/2019Titanium CompatibilityDownload PDF
QR-005602/27/2019Approved Inspection SystemDownload PDF
QR-005702/27/2019Record RetentionDownload PDF

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