Scranton Pennsylvania Operations

Sustainability Statement

The Scranton Operation understands the value of being a responsible manufacturing organization.  To this end we have established core principals which direct our organization and help ensure a prosperous future for our company, community and planet.

The Scranton Operation is committed to meeting mission requirements by producing the highest quality products, while proactively managing environmental impacts, reducing energy intensity and ensuring the safety and well being of all employees.

Management System Implementation is a tool which facilitates our efforts to attain our goal of becoming a more sustainable organization.

Environmental Policy

Scranton Operations is committed to an environmental program, of which the cornerstones are continual improvement, prevention of pollution, and compliance with relevant environmental regulations and legislation. To accomplish this commitment, we will set and review environmental objectives and targets.

Energy Policy

The Scranton Operation is committed to an Energy Management System with a primary focus on the continuous improvement  of energy intensive operations and performance to maximize efficiency.  The Scranton Operation pledges to reduce energy intensity by 25% over the next 10 years.  All resources will be provided to ensure objectives and targets are met along with compliance for all legal and regulatory and other commitments.  The selection of energy efficient products and services and design are paramount and will be considered during all procurement efforts.

Organizations doing business with or on behalf of the Scranton Operations are encouraged to furnish the most energy efficient products, design and or services.   The Scranton Operation reserves the right to determine contractual awards and the issuance of purchase orders based upon optimum energy performance.  For additional information please contact the Scranton Energy Team at :

Safety Policy

It is Scranton Operation’s policy to commit to fully comply with the current OH&S legislation along with other requirements that our governing bodies require. In addition to the ongoing effort to protect our employees and all visitors to our facility we will commit to:

• Providing a safer work environment.
• Preventing Accidents, Incidents and Ill Health.
• Continually improving our OH&S Management System.

Quality Policy

Scranton Operations is committed to a Quality Management System which will provide our customers with superior quality products, delivered on time and manufactured to world-class standards. 

The cornerstones of this system are:

Complying with requirements;satisfying internal/external customers through continual improvement, establishing and reviewing performance to objectives; and achieving a reasonable return on invested capital (ROIC)