Vector-75 Pan-Tilt System


Vector-75 Pan-Tilt System

Vector-75 Precision Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-75 is designed to meet the demanding threat identification and deterrent needs of modern border patrol and force protection missions. The Vector-75 offers a unique platform specifically designed for integration of multiple sensors into one, cost effective sub-system. The system’s fixed, independent mounting post, provides users the ability to mount ground-based surveillance radars, while independently positioning other sensors.

Vector-75 Advantages:
  • Long-range precision
  • Precise and smooth operation at all speeds
  • Lower cost of ownership
Vector-75 Features:

The Vector-75 combines our high power DC torque motors, high accuracy resolvers and complex control algorithms, to provide exceptional velocity and precision control. The system is available with inertial gyro stabilization, ideal for applications requiring dynamic position control. Internal post wiring and slip rings allow all sensors to be channeled to central connectors located in the base of the unit for simplified integration. Additional features include:

  • Stationary platform ideal for radar mounting
  • Direct drive torque motors
  • 16 bit (65,000 cts/rev) high accuracy resolver technology
  • Multiple payload mounting locations
  • 360° continuous pan angle
  • Smooth low speed motion to 0.01°/sec
  • Gyro-stabilization (optional)
  • Versatile multi-sensor payload configurations, including: Infrared cameras, Long-range visible cameras, Laser range finders, Radars, Acoustic devices, Spotlights
Vector-75 Specifications
Operating Voltage 40-56 VDC
Operating Temperature -40C to+70°C (-40°F to +158°F)
Pan Speed 0.01 to 120°/sec
Pan Angle Continuous
Tilt Speed 0.01 to 120°/sec
Tilt Angle ±45°
Resolution 0.005°
Position Repeatability ±0.05°
Position Accuracy ±0.1°
Backlash None
Moving Payload 100 lbs (50 lbs Max each side)
Stationary “Post” Payload 50 lbs
Continuous Torque 2600 oz-in @ 48 VDC
Weight 75 lbs
Environmentally Sealed IP67

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