155mm HE High Explosive


155mm HE High Explosive

155mm M795 HE

High Explosive Artillery Projectile

The M795 is a 103lb 155mm high fragmentation steel (HF1) body projectile filled with 23.8lbs of TNT or IMX-101 with a gilded metal rotating band for compatibility with all current and future towed and self-propelled 155mm howitzers. The IMX-101 reduces vulnerability from unplanned detonations of the munition providing greater safety while handling. The M795 projectile is employed against personnel, trucks, electronic surveillance and target acquisition devices, supply points, command and control and communications (C3) installations, and mechanized and armored forces.


  • NSN: 1320-01-581-6633 (M795 IM)
  • Length with fuze: 33.2in
  • Projectile Body: High Fragmentation Steel
  • Explosive: 23.8lbs of TNT or IMX-101
  • Max. Range: 22.5 Kms


  • Increases 155mm HE Range from 17.5 to 22.5 Kms (29%)
  • 100% increase in lethality over M107 HE against personnel
  • 80% increase in lethality over M107 HE against trucks
  • Increased accuracy due to aerodynamic shape
  • Conventional ammunition of choice by the U.S. Army and Marines
  • Can be fired at top zone (M203A1 Prop. Charge)

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