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81mm MAPAM


81mm MAPAM

81mm MAPAM

Mortar Anti-Personnel Anti-Material

81mm Mortar Anti-Personnel Anti-Material (MAPAM) ammunitions offers improved lethality (up to 100%) over conventional mortar ammunitions. The mortar’s pre-fragmented payload can be tailored to meet specific user requirements to ensure an optimum lethal area against various target sets. The pre-fragmented payload also provide the advantage of precision control over the danger zone, giving friendly troops much more responsive fire support in close combat.

Decisive Firepower for Your Troops
  • Significantly decreases collateral damage
  • Superior close combat capability
  • Safer handling thanks to IM capabilities
Clear separation between lethal, danger, engagement and safety zones
  • < 55m lethal zone
  • > 55m danger zone
  • > 130m engagement zone
  • > 450m total safety zone
81mm MAPAM Technical Specifications
Outer diameter 81mm
Length 512mm
Weight projectile fuzed 4.11kg
Min. range 130m
Max. range up to 5,500m
Muzzle velocity 80 to 292 m/s
Max. pressure 820 bar
Fuze Compatible with all in-service fuzes
Weapon Compatible with NATO smoothbore mortars
Service temperature -31˚C to +63˚C
Explosive PBXN-110 or Comp. B
Explosive mass 610 g
Primary charge 0 charge
Additional charges up to 4 charges

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