155MM M203A1

The M203A1 is a Zone 8S (super) charge designed to supplement the standard M3, M4 and M119 series bag charges and to provide extended range when firing M549A1 RAP and other long range projectiles. The M203A1 was developed specifically for the M109A5/M109A6 (Paladin) SPH and the M198 Towed Howitzer. However, it is interoperable with other similar long-barrelled cannon such as the FH70 and AS90.

The M203A1 is a single increment, base ignited propelling charge consisting of 28 lbs. M31A1E1 triple base solvent stick propellant and a cloth igniter base pad; both are encased in a rigid combustible case. A liner containing a lead foil decoppering agent and a wear reducing agent is assembled around the propellant bundle inside the combustible case.

Fully assembled propelling charges are packed in a PA 103 welded steel container; loaded containers are palletized for ease of transport and storage.

Military Characteristics and Benefits

  • Rigid case allows automated loading and higher
    rates of fire

  • M31A1E1 stick propellant burns cooler than granular M30A1; results in increased barrel life (up to 3000 EFC) with reduced flash and blast.

  • Single increment design eliminates cutting, retying and burning of unused bag increments

  • Provides maximum range of over 30km when used with M549A1 projectile