Universal Ammunition Loading System (UALS)



Universal Ammunition Loading System (UALS)

20mm Universal Ammunition Loading System
The self-contained 20mm Universal Ammunition Loading System significantly reduces the time and manpower required to load all U.S. Air Force, Navy and NATO aircraft equipped with internal M61A1/M61A2 20mm Gatling gun systems.
UALS consists of two sub-systems: a loader and a replenisher unit. The UALS loader transfers ammunition into the aircraft’s weapon system. External drive power is supplied by a GFE manual hand crank or by a self-contained pneumatic supply carried on the UALS. The pneumatic air cylinders can load up to three full UALS complements.

A UALS replenisher is capable of accepting 20mm bulk (loose) or linked ammunition while simultaneously receiving and sorting spent cases and unfired rounds. It also strips ammunition tubes.

20mm UALS Technical Specifications

Weight (total)

Loaded – 3,100 pounds (1,409 kg)
Empty – 1,928 pounds (876 kg)

Average Capacity

2,100 rounds (20mm)

Average loading rate

400 rounds per minute (may be operated at higher rates up to 1,000 rounds per minute)

Power required

400 inch-pounds maximum (total systems & aircraft torque)

Round Capacity

2,100-round capacity loads either two A-7, four F-16, two F-15, three F-4E, three F-14 or three F-18 aircraft

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