St. Petersburg Supplier Quality Requirements, Documents and Forms  – St. Petersburg, FL

Clause #RevisionRevisedDescriptionView/Download PDFArchive
QC S1 102/27/24General Quality Clause RequirementsView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S2 102/27/24Certificate of ConformanceView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S3 102/27/24Inspection Plans and ReportsView/Download PDFRev-6/12/2023
QC S4 102/27/24Ballistic Test ReportsView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S5 102/27/24Government Furnished PropertyView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S6 102/27/24Statistical Process ControlView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S7 102/27/24Performance Oriented PackagingView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S8 102/27/24Acceptance Inspection EquipmentView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S9 102/27/24Measurement System EvaluationView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S11 102/27/24First Article Tests and InspectionsView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S12 102/27/24Physical Configuration AuditView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S13 102/27/24Ammunition Data CardView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S14 102/27/24Energetic Material Description SheetsView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S15 102/27/24Critical Characteristic Control and Critical Plan of ActionView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S16 102/27/24Key CharacteristicsView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S17 102/27/24Production Process ControlView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S18 102/27/24Customer Furnished MaterialView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S19 102/27/242-D Bar Code Label and VerificationView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S21 102/27/24Demilitarization, Disposal and Certificate of DemilitarizationView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S22 102/27/24Hazardous Material ManagementView/Download PDFRev-6/9/2023
QC S2302/27/2024Pollution Prevention PlanView/Download PDF

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