Supplier Quality Requirements  – Seattle Operations


Clause #RevisionRevisedDescriptionView/Download PDFArchive
Section 1.0Quality Assurance Terms and Conditions
1.05/16/2012General Quality RequirementsView/Download PDF
Section 2.0Quality Assurance System Requirements
2.1-5/16/2012Configuration ChangesView/Download PDF
2.25/16/2012Process ChangesView/Download PDF
2.35/16/2012Control of QualityView/Download PDF
Section 3.0Process Requirements
3.105/16/2012Special ProcessingView/Download PDF
3.115/16/2012Authorized GD-OTS RepresentativeView/Download PDF
3.135/16/2012Static Sensitive MaterialView/Download PDF
3.145/16/2012Weld/Brase ScheduleView/Download PDF
3.155/16/2012Foreign Object Elimination (FOE)View/Download PDF
3.165/16/2012Radiographic Imaging and Inspection (X-ray & N-ray)View/Download PDF
3.175/16/2012Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation and DispositionView/Download PDF
Section 4.0Certification and Data Requirements
4.205/16/2012Record KeepingView/Download PDF
4.225/16/2012Electronic WorkmanshipView/Download PDF
4.235/16/2012Acceptance Test ProcedureView/Download PDF
4.245/16/2012Manufacturing/Quality TravelerView/Download PDF
4.255/16/2012Manufacturing/Quality Control PlanView/Download PDF
4.265/16/2012Supplier Inspection PlanView/Download PDF
4.285/16/2012Test/Dimensional ReportsView/Download PDF
4.295/16/2012Certificate of ConformanceView/Download PDF
4.305/16/2012Heat / Heat Lot IdentificationView/Download PDF
4.315/16/2012Heat TreatmentView/Download PDF
4.325/16/2012TraceabilityView/Download PDF
4.345/16/2012Certified Calibration ReportView/Download PDF
4.355/16/2012Raw Material SpecificationsView/Download PDF
4.375/16/2012Qualified Products List (QPL/QPD) SourceView/Download PDF
4.385/16/2012Shipment Control by Serial NumbersView/Download PDF
4.395/16/2012Shelf Life IdentificationView/Download PDF
Section 5.0Inspections
5.505/16/2012Source Surveillance/Inspection (Inprocess and Final)View/Download PDF
5.515/16/2012Source Inspection (Final Inspection)View/Download PDF
5.525/16/2012Source Inspection - GovernmentView/Download PDF
5.535/16/2012Acceptance Data Package InspectionView/Download PDF
5.545/16/2012First Part Source InspectionView/Download PDF
5.555/16/2012First Article Inspection (FAI) - 12 MonthsView/Download PDF
5.565/16/2012First Article Inspection (FAI) - 180 DaysView/Download PDF
Section 6.0Statistical Process Control
6.615/16/2012Statistical Process Control (SPC)View/Download PDF
Section 7.0GD-OTS Customer - Specified Flow Down Requirements
7.705/16/2012Government or Customer Furnished MaterialView/Download PDF
7.725/16/2012FARView/Download PDF
Section 9.0Additional Requirements
9.905/16/2012Additional RequirementsView/Download PDF
Section 12.0GD-OTS Internal Notes Only
12.1205/16/2012Tooling MaintenanceView/Download PDF

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