Weapons Systems Supplier Quality Requirements  – Williston VT / Saco ME

Clause #RevisionRevisedDescriptionView/Download PDFArchive
Q2004/2/2019FAR Clause 52.246-2 Inspection of SuppliesView/Download PDF
Q4004/2/2019GD-OTS General/Special Process RequirementsView/Download PDF
Q5004/2/2019ISO 9001View/Download PDF
Q6004/2/2019Q91/ISO 9001 Quality Systems (JSF)View/Download PDF
Q7004/2/2019AS9100View/Download PDF
Q9004/2/2019Inspection and Test InstructionsView/Download PDF
Q15004/2/2019Test Bars (Forgings)View/Download PDF
Q17004/2/2019Product ConformanceView/Download PDF
Q20004/2/2019Heat and/or Melt IdentificationView/Download PDF
Q23004/2/2019SerializationView/Download PDF
Q24004/2/2019Date of ManufactureView/Download PDF
Q28004/2/2019Government Source InspectionView/Download PDF
Q29004/2/2019AS9102 Aerospace First Article Inspection ReqView/Download PDF
Q32004/2/2019Mil-W-63150View/Download PDF
Q40004/2/2019Acceptance Test Inspection ReportsView/Download PDF
Q42004/2/2019Customer PropertyView/Download PDF
Q44004/2/2019Inspection Equipment AcceptanceView/Download PDF
Q46004/2/2019Failure AnalysisView/Download PDF
Q47004/2/2019Internal and External AuditsView/Download PDF
Q48004/2/2019Source ControlView/Download PDF
Q53004/02/2019Test/Inspection Data (Mil-Std-883)View/Download PDF
Q54004/02/2019Paint CertificationView/Download PDF
Q55004/02/2019ESDView/Download PDF
Q56004/02/2019Chemical/Physical Test ReportsView/Download PDF
Q57004/02/2019Sub-Tier Supplier ControlView/Download PDF
Q60005/01/2020Lockheed Martin Clause Q4R, Foreign Obj DamageView/Download PDF
Q66004/02/2019QSI 227, 837View/Download PDF
Q68004/02/2019AS9103, Variation ManagementView/Download PDF
Q75004/02/2019Ammunition Data CardView/Download PDF
Q79004/02/2019Lot ReportView/Download PDF
Q84004/02/2019Record Retention And StorageView/Download PDF
Q87004/02/2019Shelf Life, 80%View/Download PDF
Q88004/02/2019Rapid Prototype CastingsView/Download PDF
Q93004/03/2019Special Processes Approval Req- Phosphate OnlyView/Download PDF
Q94004/03/2019First Piece Article Inspection (Fwd to GD-OTS)View/Download PDF
Q95004/03/2019QA Provisions (QAP) (M2,MK-19,LW50MG,MK-47)View/Download PDF
Q108004/03/2019Induction and/or Flame Hardening RequirementsView/Download PDF
Q110004/03/2019First Article Inspection(Forwarded to GD-OTS)View/Download PDF
Q111004/03/2019First Article Inspection AS9102 - 2 Year ReqView/Download PDF
Q132004/03/2019Material Certification and Mill Test ReportView/Download PDF
Q136004/03/2019Generic Req for Statistically Valid SamplingView/Download PDF
Q143004/03/2019Notification of DCMA Request for CorrectiveView/Download PDF
Q149004/05/2019Foreign Object Damage (FOD) PlanView/Download PDF
Q201004/05/2019GD-OTS Quality Mgmt Sys Requirements-AS9100View/Download PDF

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