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How to Sell to General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems



As a current or potential supplier to GD-OTS, it is likely you may be required to handle technical data as defined by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

As part of our supplier outreach program, we want to ensure that you are aware of the requirements associated with these regulations. Compliance with them is key to our successful partnering.

Please be aware that technical data such as, documentation, software, drawings, specifications, etc., that may be provided to you, is subject to the export control laws of the United States Government.

Transfer of this data by any means to a foreign person, whether in the United States or abroad, without prior approval from the U.S. Department of State, is strictly prohibited.

For more information regarding the Arms Export Control Act and ITAR Section 122.1, please visit To register with the U.S. Department of State Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, visit



Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBS)

It is General Dynamics policy to place a fair portion of the total purchases for materials, supplies, and services with small business concerns and to award an optimum portion of our purchase orders and subcontracts to: qualified and qualifiable small disadvantaged businesses; women-owned small business concerns; service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses; veteran-owned small businesses; and small business firms in areas designated as HUBZones who have the potential capabilities to fulfill our requirements.

We are committed to an aggressive and successful subcontracting program. We value the significant contributions that the small businesses and historically underutilized small businesses (HUBS) have made to our growth. The acronym HUBS as used in our Small Business Utilization Program and our Supplier Diversity Initiatives are small disadvantaged businesses which includes Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Minority Institutions (MIS); women-owned small businesses; HUBZone small businesses; veteran-owned small businesses; and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.

Our program objectives are to encourage increased levels of procurements from small businesses and the historically underutilized small businesses and to achieve a strong and diverse supplier base at each of our operating locations.

To help fulfill our policy General Dynamics encourages its buyers and program managers to actively seek out such suppliers and to provide representatives of these small business firms with opportunities to present their products and capabilities.

To assist small businesses and historically underutilized businesses in their efforts to make business connections within GD-OTS there is a designated Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) or Small Business Coordinator located at each of our business units. The SBLO or Coordinator is there to assist and provide guidance to those who want to become involved in the General Dynamics OTS Small Business Subcontracting Program. We provide a SBLO/Coordinator contact list on this website.

We also provide a list of contacts at other GD facilities that are not part of OTS. You are invited to contact any of the locations. There websites are provided so you can become acquainted with their products. If you want to know how to begin the process of becoming a supplier at a particular facility the name of a person to contact is also provided in this website

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To Our Diverse Supplier Data Base And Team.



General Dynamics OTS has Purchasing Departments located at each of its business units. The Purchasing Department is the point of contact for all actual or potential suppliers.

The Buyers, Subcontract Administrators, Supervisors and Managers are the only people in General Dynamics OTS authorized to commit General Dynamics OTS to a contract or to make any changes thereto. As such, all negotiations and contractual agreements must be done by representatives from the Purchasing Department.

The Purchasing Department is also responsible for developing competition guidelines, determining and selecting sources, and conducting negotiations concerning prices, terms of the purchase, and delivery schedules. Purchasing selects those suppliers who are considered responsive and responsible and offer the most favorable proposals. Proposals are evaluated on a best value basis which includes, total cost, technical capabilities, product quality assurance programs, past performance, schedule compliance, etc.

Suppliers who want to provide capability briefings to personnel in specific functional areas within General Dynamics OTS are to coordinate such activities through the Purchasing Department. Decisions to schedule such briefings are typically made based on current requirements or interest in certain product and technology areas.

Periodically a supplier wants to submit an unsolicited idea and/or invention. If you have an unsolicited idea/invention it is our procedure that it will first be submitted to our Legal Department where we will have a Disclosure Agreement drawn up. You will have to agree to limit disclosure to those aspects of the idea/invention that are considered non-confidential. The Purchasing Department can provide further guidance.

Any samples or trial items provided by suppliers must be submitted through the Purchasing Department. Arrangements must be made through the appropriate buyer on a “no charge” basis prior to submitting any items to General Dynamics OTS. The description and value of the item(s) must be furnished to the buyer. Any trial item(s) not authorized through the Purchasing Department will be immediately rejected, returned or destroyed.

Additionally, each location has a small business specialist assigned to assist small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, veterans, women-owned small businesses and HUBZone firms in marketing their products and services with the facility. The specialist provides information and guidance on (1) GD purchasing procedures and the procurement process, (2) how to be placed on the bidders mailing lists, and (3) subcontracting opportunities.



The initial step to doing business with General Dynamics OTS is to register your company, whichever is applicable.

Office Visit: Suppliers are requested to make appointments for visits. The normal visitation hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Plan to arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time in order to be processed into our facilities. A picture ID will be needed.You will have to contact the SBLOs at the various other business units or visit their websites to find out immediate business opportunities they may have available.



When you meet with the Buyers bring brochures, catalogues, equipment listings, and the names of your principal customers. This will assist them in gaining an understanding of your products, services and capabilities. Additionally, be prepared to explain what you’re doing for others and what you can do for our company.

Our company may not have an immediate requirement that matches your capabilities but when a need for your product or service arises your organization will be considered along with the other companies on the applicable waiting list.



To provide maximum control and security for company business, all visitors entering a General Dynamics premises must first register for security purposes in the main lobby.

Briefcases are subject to inspection both upon entering and leaving our facility. Cameras, computers, tape recorders, cell phones, and packages must be identified and checked with the security guard prior to entering the premises. If your visit involves U.S. Government classified information, an approved “classified visit authorization” should precede your visit by two working days.

Your admission to any office area is strictly controlled and once you have described the nature of your visit you will be provided with a visitors identification badge that is to be worn in a conspicuous manner at all times. Arrangements will be made to have you escorted while in the facility. When your visit is complete, you will be escorted back to the lobby for proper sign-out.



GIFTS, GRATUITIES, AND FAVORS: No General Dynamics employee may offer to give or provide any customer or supplier (past, present, or potential) any bribe, kickback, or other valuable consideration to obtain preferential treatment, secure or retain business, or otherwise solicit some benefit personally or for the corporation. Whether it is called fees or commissions, kickbacks are morally wrong and legally criminal.

GENERAL DYNAMICS CUSTOMERS: All General Dynamics customers, commercial and government, will be treated fairly and according to applicable state laws, customs and regulations governing contractual obligations and related matters. Our customers will be offered the best products and services that General Dynamics is capable of producing, consistent with the applicable specifications. No attempt will be made to unfairly represent General Dynamics products and services.

GENERAL DYNAMICS SUPPLIERS: The same attention to legal and ethical considerations that guide our relationships with our customers will be applied to our dealings with suppliers of goods and services. Business decisions regarding these parties will be made on the basis of the quality, value and reliability of the product or service offered. No employee is allowed to solicit or accept favors or preferential treatment for him/herself as a condition of doing business with General Dynamics.

IN SUMMARY: All General Dynamics employees are required to conduct company business with integrity and maintain high standards of conduct in all business-related activities. This policy applies to everyone. Following it, is a condition of employment.If there is any indication that a General Dynamics employee has chosen to break our rules and peddle influence or otherwise “play games” with a supplier, we encourage and expect that supplier to notify management immediately.



Every supplier, regardless of size, that provides goods and/or services to General Dynamics, must demonstrate its capability to perform on anticipated orders before purchase orders will be awarded. Considerations include, but are not limited to the supplier’s financial outlook, reliability and experience with the type product/service being solicited, past performance and supplier quality assurance program.


To ensure that a supplier is capable of producing parts that meet our contract requirements, General Dynamics may visit and survey a potential supplier’s facility before awarding an order. During the survey General Dynamics will be concerned with the entire manufacturing process, as well as quality control systems. Additionally, the ability of your company to trace and control material that is processed through your production system will also be reviewed.

If the subcontract will involve manufacturing an item which a supplier has not made before, inspections and approval of a prototype may be required before authorization to proceed will be given. This is normally referred to as a First Article Acceptance Test. When such qualification testing is required it will be shown in the General Dynamics Request for Proposal/Solicitation (RFP) package. Your pricing should take these test requirements into consideration.

Potential suppliers would be well advised to become familiar with, as a minimum, military specification MIL-I-45208A regarding applicable inspection procedures.


For suppliers of off-the-shelf product or other common types of product which are used in the production of General Dynamics products, a “Certificate of Conformance” will be required.



Over the past couple of years General Dynamics has been interacting with suppliers and customers across the world using online tools to conduct business over a secure network, General Dynamics E-Supply Network. This system helps all levels of departments including Supply Chain Professionals, Engineers, Program Managers, Accounting and many more.

The GD-E Supply Network’s main use is as a supply chain tool. This system helps buyers conduct business with suppliers around the world in real time, all at no cost to the suppliers. This is a free service that is provided to our potential suppliers. Our suppliers have the ability to submit bids, receive purchase orders, and all other paperwork that goes into being a key supplier for General Dynamics. One of the greatest benefits of this system is that it is used in every business unit across General Dynamics. Therefore, a supplier to one division has high potential of being solicited for future business by another business unit due to the sharing of the system. This is a practice that business units in GD exercise frequently.

The types of solicitations that our suppliers will receive are Request for Proposals (RFP), Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), Request for Information (RFI), and Surveys. The entire process is done on the GD-E Supply Network – from potential suppliers being solicited for bids, to receiving purchaser orders, making deliveries, and scheduling and receiving payments.

To register and participate in the GD-E Supply Network is very simple. Potential suppliers can either contact the undersigned using the information given below, or any one of our other sourcing project managers for our other business units which is also provided below. Potential suppliers will be asked to fill out certain required forms. After doing so, the potential supplier will be issued a username and password. It is not guaranteed that suppliers will be given a username and password after filling out the required forms. Once the supplier receives the username and password, official registration is complete. The potential supplier will receive emails inviting them to participate on select solicitations. The email will have a link for the potential supplier to log-in and enter the password. Each solicitation is unique and has a time limit. Most of the solicitations are in the format of: sealed bid with rank, sealed bid, or reverse auction. Each solicitation will have a General Dynamics Supply Chain contact person who is responsible for administering the solicitation.



General Dynamics is primarily a government contractor. As such, we are subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The provisions and clauses applicable to our prime contract with the Government will be in the our subcontracts and purchase orders as flow-down provisions. The FAR website is

On this website you will find a list of the terms and conditions that are typically included in our
purchase orders and subcontracts.



In general, our purchasing objectives are summarized around the “seven rights”: right quality, right quantity, right time, right price, right source, right service, and right place. Your company’s objectives should parallel ours.



Competitive bidding is the preferred method for selecting our suppliers. In compiling our bidders list, we first ensure that all suppliers under consideration are capable financially as well as technically. To determine technical capability, we may conduct a ?supplier survey? using a team to assess manufacturing capability, quality control, and various product support capabilities such as design capability. The results of these supplier surveys will be given substantial consideration in the evaluation and selection of bidders.

Once a proposal is received each segment of the proposal will be carefully evaluated and
rated. As a general rule, the individuals from the supplier survey team will conduct the evaluation. If a proposal is considered to be “non-responsive,” the proposal will be returned along with a letter of explanation.

The buyer notifies you when you are the successful bidder and is responsible for issuing the purchase order and subcontracts.



Proper documentation on the required paperwork is essential to receiving your payments on time. The correct purchase order number and line item numbers must appear on all documents such as invoices, packing list, shipping documents, certifications and inspection data. Ensuring that this information is provided and correct helps to ensure that you receive your payments with little or no delay.

Invoices are to be sent to the Accounts Payable Department unless the purchase order/subcontracts contains different instructions. Invoices are not to be sent to the material shipping destination or to the buyer.

All small business suppliers should become familiar with FAR 19-702.

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