Niceville Supplier Quality Requirements, Documents and Forms  – Niceville, FL


Clause #RevisionRevisedDescriptionView/Download PDFArchive
PAL 126609/06/2022Request for Change Deviation Waiver FormView/Download
PAL 1281606/10/2022Data Source Inspection Request Approval WorkbookView/Download Excel Doc
PAL 1641007/18/2022General Quality Assurance RequirementsView/Download PDFPal 164 Rev 09
PAL 1651302/16/2023PAR_PAC FormView/Download FormPAL 165 Rev 12
PAL 165 1311/03/2022Individual SQAR Revision TableView/Download PDFPAL 165 Rev 12
SQAR-1803/10/2021QMS Compliant to ISO-9001 or AS9100View/Download PDF
SQAR-2011/03/2022QMS CertifiedView/Download PDF
SQAR-3803/10/2021Approved Inspection SystemView/Download PDF
SQAR-4803/10/2021Certification of Conformance - SupplierView/Download PDF
SQAR-5a thru 5g803/10/2021Raw Material Identified as Significant RiskView/Download PDF
SQAR-6803/10/2021Raw Material Certification or Test ReportView/Download PDF
SQAR-7911/03/2022Certification of Conformance or Packing Slip - DistributorView/Download PDF
SQAR-8803/10/2021Item SerializationView/Download PDF
SQAR-9909/21/2021Traceability SummaryView/Download PDF
SQAR-10 803/10/2021QMS Certified to AS9120 Required – DistributorView/Download PDF
SQAR-11803/10/2021Packing Slip Required – DistributorView/Download PDF
SQAR-12803/10/2021Calibration System/ReportView/Download PDF
SQAR-131011/28/2022Source Inspection RequiredView/Download PDF
SQAR-14803/10/2021Surveillance RequiredView/Download PDF
SQAR-15803/10/2021Government Source InspectionView/Download PDF
SQAR-16803/10/2021Customer Source InspectionView/Download PDF
SQAR-17803/10/2021Government SurveillanceView/Download PDF
SQAR-181003/17/2021Inspection ReportView/Download PDFSQAR-18 Rev 09
SQAR-19903/17/2021Inspection Report – Logs and TravelersView/Download PDF
SQAR-20803/10/2021Control PlanView/Download PDF
SQAR-21803/10/2021PAL 128 Without Source InspectionView/Download PDF
SQAR-22 a thru d1103/10/2021FAI Required/Maintained – AS9102 RequiredView/Download PDFSQAR-22 Rev 09
SQAR-23803/10/2021First Article PlanView/Download PDF
SQAR-24803/10/2021As-Build Record or LogView/Download PDF
SQAR-25803/10/2021Supplying Controlled Shelf Life MaterialView/Download PDF
SQAR-26803/10/2021Process Flow & PFMEA Required/MaintainedView/Download PDF
SQAR-27803/10/2021Raw Material Approval Prior to Manufacturing of ProductView/Download PDF
SQAR-29 a thru 29c803/10/2021Control of Special Process and CertificationView/Download PDF
SQAR-31803/10/2021Designated In-Process Inspection PointsView/Download PDF
SQAR-35803/10/2021Special Inspection EquipmentView/Download PDF
SQAR-37803/10/2021Statistical Process Control – AS9103 RequiredView/Download PDF
SQAR-38803/10/2021Special Quality RequirementsView/Download PDF
SQAR-39803/10/2021Inspection Sampling Plan C=0View/Download PDF
SQAR-40803/10/2021Non-Production Part MarkingView/Download PDF
SQAR-41a thru 41e803/10/2021Supplier Record RetentionView/Download PDF
SQAR-43803/10/2021Ammunition Data CardsView/Download PDF
SQAR-45803/10/2021100% Inspection RequiredView/Download PDF
SQAR-46803/10/2021Process Documentation ControlView/Download PDF
SQAR-47803/10/2021Product Safety AwarenessView/Download PDF
SQAR-48803/10/2021Product or Service Conformity AwarenessView/Download PDF
SQAR-49803/10/2021Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD)View/Download PDF
SQAR-50803/10/2021Tin and Lead Plating RestrictionsView/Download PDF
SQAR-52803/10/2021Purchase Order ReviewView/Download PDF
SQAR-53803/10/2021Electrostatic Discharge ProtectionView/Download PDF
SQAR-55803/10/2021Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS or SDS)View/Download PDF
SQAR-56011/03/2022Manufacturing Management Program – AS6500 RequiredView/Download PDF
SQAR-601009/21/2021Quality Acceptance Documents ApplicableView/Download PDF
SQAR-100109/21/2021No Quality Requirements ApplicableView/Download PDF

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