Ball Powder® Propellants


Ball Powder® Propellants

Ball Powder® Propellants

Innovative Technology for the 21st Century Military
Few defense companies can claim a pedigree in propellant technology as distinguished as that of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems. Our quality propellants have been supplied to the armed forces of the United States and its allies since 1914. Today, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems continues the legacy as a U.S. leader in propellant technology, offering over 120 types of propellants.

Over 95% of all U.S. military small arms ammunition are loaded with our propellants. In addition, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems’ propellants are qualified for use on all current U.S. military medium caliber rounds. Our propellants are also the choice for 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar systems. Innovative technologies, such as HDPC (High Density Propelling Charges), and propulsion systems for advanced large caliber tank, artillery and naval systems are available.


    Military BALL POWDER® Propellants listed in order of burn rate

    Powder Designation


    Powder Designation



    Igniter Artillery

    WC 856

    .50 Cal. SLAP M903, SLAP-Tracer M962

    OBP® 126

    .50 Cal. Blank M1A1

    WC 857

    .50 Cal. Tracer M17

    SMP® 545

    5.56mm Grenade Launcher

    WC 858

    20mm HPT M54

    WC 814

    5.56mm Blank M200

    WC 859

    20mm Phalanx MK149

    WC 818

    7.62mm Blank M82

    WC 860

    .50 Cal. Ball M33

    WC 815

    60mm Mortar

    WC 862

    .50 Cal. Ball NATO

    WC 819

    81mm Mortar

    WC 860 + CaCO3

    .50 Cal. Ball M33

    WPR® 260

    5.56mm SRTA M862

    SMP® 860

    .50 Cal. Ball M33

    WPR® 270

    9mm NATO HPT

    WC 863

    120mm Mortar Main Charge

    WPR® 289

    9mm NATO M882

    WC 864

    155mm MACS Igniter

    WPR® 293

    9mm Subsonic

    WC 866

    20mm PIVAD M940

    WC 294

    25mm Air Burst

    WC 867

    20mm MPC PGU 28/B

    WC 687

    7.62 x 39mm Ball

    WC 868

    20mm Improved PGU 28/B

    WC 816

    120mm Mortar Igniter Propellant

    WC 869

    25mm M910 TPDS-T

    WC 827

    7.62mm SLAP M948, SLAP-Tracer M959

    WC 872

    20mm TP M55, HEI M56

    SMP® 842

    5.56mm Non-toxic

    SHP® 831

    25mm M919 and 105mm XM350 Low Zone

    SMP® 843

    5.56mm Carbine

    WC 886

    25mm M791 APDS-T

    WC 844

    5.56mm Ball M193 & M855, Tracer M196

    OBP® 888

    20mm ELC

    WC 844T

    5.56mm Tracer M856

    WC 890

    25mm HEI-T M792, TP-T M793

    WCR® 845

    5.56mm Ball M855, Tracer M856, M995

    SMP® 795

    25mm APEX

    WC 846

    7.62mm Ball M80, Tracer M62

    SHP® 832

    30mm GAU/8A TP PGU15, API PGU14, API GU13

    WC 846S

    7.62mm Ball M80, Tracer M62

    SMP® 992

    155mm MACS Decoppering Pellets

    WC 846 + CaCO3

    7.62mm Ball M80

    SHP® 923

    120mm IM HE-T

    SMP® 744

    7.62mm Ball M80

    SHP® 941

    5” Navy

    SMP® 849

    7.62mm M80A1

    SHP® 944

    155mm AGS

    WC 855

    30mm AAH TP M788, HEDP M789

    SHP® 947

    105mm XM350 Mid-Zone

    SMP® 855

    30mm AAH TP M788, HEDP M789

    SHP® 948

    105mm XM350 High-Zone

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