XM915 – 20MM


XM915 – 20MM

XM915 – 20MM

The XM915 is a lightweight 20mm Gatling Gun developed by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

The XM915 is the lightest 20mm Rotary Cannon in the world. It features firing rates tailorable to 750 to 1,500 shots per minute, making it the ideal product for platforms that require air-to-air and air-to-ground lethality in a lightweight package. The XM915 fires at twice the rate of a single barrel gun of similar caliber and weight. When combined with high accuracy and an optimum dispersion pattern, the rate of fire provides superior suppressive fire and precision-kill capability.

The XM915 barrels are capable of firing a continuous 500 round burst, and barrel design can be tailored for other requirements. The XM915 can be configured to interchangeably fire percussion-primed and standard electrically primed ammunition with minimal additional development required. Firing all M50-series and PGU-series ammunition, the XM915 in percussion/electric configuration can also fire the developmental ultra lightweight XM1031/1032 aluminum-cased ammunition, further reducing overall system weight. These factors make the XM915 a leap forward in Gatling Gun accuracy, weight, maintainability, and firepower.

XM915 20mm Gun System Specifications

Gun Type

Three-barrel, 20mm, externally powered Rotary Cannon

Weight (total)

Under 115 lbs including drive, feeder

Rate of fire

750 to 1,500 shots per minute

Muzzle Velocity

3,410 feet per second

Ammunition capacity

Platform Dependant

Average Recoil Force

805lbs at 1,500 spm

Typical Peak Recoil

2,500 lbs at 1,500 spm

Transient Peak Recoil

2,500 lbs at 1,500 spm

Drive system

Hydraulic, electric, pneumatic

Feed System

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