Non-Lethal Agent Dispensing

Crowd Control/Anti-Riot, Area Denial to Personnel, Marking/Taggants and Other Applications

Non-Lethal Artillery

XM-1063 Non-Lethal Artillery has achieved TRL Level 6.1 through gun test firings as payload in 155mm M483 rounds

  • Prepared for Milestone B decision
  • Apply counter personnel payloads at long range
  • Submunition dispensing with kinetic energy mitigation

Non-Lethal Mortar

Supporting U.S. Army Non-Lethal program with engineering trade studies and tests

  • Conducted live-fire demonstrations of 81 mm frangible
    case Non-Lethal Mortar with surrogate liquid payload for
    area denial and tagging
  • Liquid and powder dispense capability
  • Can be used on 60mm and 120mm mortar platforms

Overhead Liquid Dispensing Systems (OLDS)

  • 120mm Volcano compatible
  • Frangible case
  • Range: 500 ft
  • Coverage: 1300 sq ft
  • Payload volume: 90 cu in.
  • Successful demonstration in end-to-end outdoor
    tests for U.S. Army

Fixed Dispensing Systems

  • Solid propellant gas generator ‘charges’ a canister filled with
    non-lethal agent when triggered
  • Liquids or powders can be dispersed unmanned ground
    vehicle payload
  • Tactical payload to project non-lethal force on target
  • Self-protection payload to employ non-lethal anti-tampering
    device facility security applications
  • Delay-Deny access to rooms, corridors and perimeters by
    rapidly dispensing agent

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