GMLRS Unitary Warhead


GMLRS Unitary Warhead

GMLRS Unitary Warhead

The GMLRS Unitary warhead is a proven, cutting-edge lethal mechanism, resulting from decades of experience in warhead development and production. From 5-pound warheads to 5,000 pound bombs, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) understands how to deliver on a lethal promise.

GD-OTS developed the GMLRS unitary warhead and delivered early production items in 2008 to support urgent needs in Iraq. The success of this warhead in the field demonstrates our commitment to delivering high quality, effective, and lethal products that soldiers need. To date, we have been in full rate production for over 10 years, delivering over 32,789 unitary warheads to the warfighter.

Soldier Safe. Battle Ready.

Offering a one round-one kill performance solution, this fragmenting unitary warhead incorporates insensitive munitions features while delivering a compact punch on target.

The GMLRS is safer on the way to the field, safer to handle, and safer in the danger zone, destroying intended targets while minimizing collateral damage. The GMLRS unitary warhead is well suited to the urban environment, extending the traditional GMLRS target set to include structures found in urban areas. The low collateral aspect helps ensure the target is destroyed with limited or no damage to the surrounding area, and virtually no risk of unexploded ordnance.

Our unique design process allowed us to match existing payload space and center of gravity requirements on the GMLRS. This accomplishment not only enabled early production, but also decreased qualification costs. It demonstrates our expert capability and low cost flexibility for refitting existing systems or building new ones.



Weight without Fuze 195 Pounds
Length with Fuze 39.8 Inches
Diameter 8.6 Inches
Explosive PBXN-109 (51 lb)
Case 4130 Steel
Insensitive Munition Feature
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