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Vector-50 Pan-Tilt System


Vector-50 Pan-Tilt System

Vector-50 Precision Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-50 precision pan-tilt system combines our high power DC torque motor and high accuracy resolvers directly coupled to the payload for maintenance free operation with zero backlash. With a payload capacity of up to 50 pounds and optional cradle and arm support, the Vector-50 is ideally suited for multi-sensor platforms. The integrated 16 bit resolver is directly coupled to each axis for superior control and accuracy, making it ideal for long-range electro-optical and infrared camera systems.

Vecter-50 Advantages:
  • Direct drive brushless torque motors
  • 16 bit high accuracy resolver technology
  • 360° continuous pan angle
  • Smooth low speed motion to 0.01°/sec
  • Marine package (optional)
  • Gyro-stabilization (optional)
Vector-50 Features:

Built-in control electronics and software provide precise, smooth motion at all speeds. An integrated slip ring is standard on every unit, providing continuous rotation in the pan axis. The Vector-50 is also available with optional inertial gyro-stabilization, making it ideal for shipboard mounting, ground-based mast mounting and many other applications requiring dynamic position control. Additional features include:

  • Direct drive technology provides maintenance-free operation with zero backlash
  • High resolution and precision, allow for long-range pointing accuracy and stability
  • Precise and smooth operation at all speeds
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Supports Multi-Sensor payloads up to 50 pounds (22.7 kg)
Vector-50 Specifications
Operating Voltage 16-32 VDC
Operating Temperature -40˚C to +70˚C (-40˚F to +158˚F)
Pan Speed 0.01 to 300°/sec
Pan Angle Continuous
Tilt Speed 0.01 to 300°/sec
Tilt Angle Various (±50°, ±60°, ±75°)
Resolution 0.005°
Position Repeatability ±0.01°
Position Accuracy ±0.1°
Backlash None
Payload 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
Continuous Torque (2000 oz-in @ 48 VDC optional)
Weight 37 lbs
Environmentally Sealed IP67
Gyro-Stabilization <1.0 milliradian RMS

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