Vector-35G Pan-Tilt System


Vector-35G Pan-Tilt System

Vector-35G Gear Driven Pan-Tilt System

With its high torque capability, the Vector-35G accommodates a wide range of payloads from longrange cameras to radar systems. The Vector-35G is ruggedized to ensure performance in the harshest environment and provide unmatched reliability. General Dynamics’ unique, proprietary design allows for 24/7 continuous operation without requiring homing or calibration.

Vecter-35G Advantages:
  • High speed & smooth motion Up to 90°/sec
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • Low power consumption
  • Low backlash precision gearing
  • Upright or inverted installation options
  • Software adjustable stops
Vector-35G Features:

The Vector-35G leverages our in-depth expertise in motion control systems. It provides superior control and accuracy. With precision hardened gearing and built-in control electronics, the system provides precise, smooth motion with high torque. It’s perfect for long range sensors, and is also optimized for radar applications with complete EMI shielding. Additional features include:

  • Supports a wide range of cameras, radars or other payloads, up to 35 pounds (15.9 kg)
  • Simplified integration with table top mount and high torque
  • Ruggedized and sealed to protect against vibration, temperature extremes, dust, sand, wind, rain, snow and ice
  • Starts instantly; no warm up required
  • Absolute position sensors require no homing or calibration
  • 24/7 continuous operation
Vector-35G Specifications
Speed 0.5 to 90 ˚/sec 1.0 to 15 ˚/sec
Angular Range 360˚ continuous -45˚ to +45˚
Peak Torque 1,500 oz-in 8,000 oz-in
Accuracy ±0.1˚ ±0.1˚
Repeatability ±0.05˚ ±0.20˚
Resolution 0.005˚ 0.005˚
Backlash <0.1˚ <0.25˚
Duty Cycle 100% 100%

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