Vector-20 Maritime Pan-Tilt System


Vector-20 Pan-Tilt System

Vector-20 Stabilized Maritime Pan-Tilt System

The Vector-20 is a rugged, aerodynamic precision pan-tilt system able to deliver stable, precise imagery in rough seas and at high speeds. Designed to handle the intense jostling and vibration in marine environments as required by special operations forces, the U.S. Coast Guard, harbor patrol, law enforcement officials, and commercial and private mariners. Able to accommodate a wide variety of EO/IR sensors, the Vector-20 delivers an affordable, versatile and stabilized motion control solution.

Vecter-20 Advantages:
  • 2-Axis gyro-stabilization
  • 360° continuous pan rotation
  • Smooth low speed motion to 0.01°/sec
  • Built-in control electronics and gyros
Vector-20 Features:

The Vector-20 leverages our deep expertise in motion control systems, from inertial gyro-stabilization to high-torque motors and precision resolvers. The Vector-20 provides unmatched control and accuracy with zero backlash and lower total cost of ownership. With an integrated slip ring and built-in control electronics, the system provides precise, smooth motion at all speeds. The system is easily integrated onto existing platforms. Additional features include:

  • Aerodynamic housing supports wide range of cameras and/or payloads, up to 20 pounds (9 kg)
  • Ruggedized, sealed and marinized to ensure performance in harsh marine environments and winds up to 100 knots
  • Maintains line of sight independent of the boat’s motion
  • Line of sight can be controlled to turn with the boat while maintaining inertial-stabilization
  • Direct drive technology provides maintenance-free operation with zero backlash
  • Compatible with General Dynamics thermal imagers and other available sensors

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems designs and manufactures a full portfolio of high-performance camera systems and components that provide our customers the clarity, accuracy and reliability to successfully complete their mission. Leveraging our custom motor and resolver technologies, we design and manufacture maintenance-free, precision pan-tilt systems with zero backlash and lower total cost of ownership.

Vector-20 Specifications
Payload 4-20 lbs (1.8 – 9 kg)
Pan Speed 0.01 to 60 ˚/sec
Pan Angle 360˚ continuous
Tilt Speed 0.01 to 60 ˚/sec
Tilt Angle -90˚ to +60˚
Stabilization <2 mrad RMS
Position Accuracy ±0.1˚
Position Repeatability ±0.02˚
Resolution 0.005˚
Duty Cycle 100% in each axis
Continuous Torque 450 oz-in @ 24 VDC
Backlash None

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