Automotive Industry Recycling


Automotive Industry Recycling

Automotive Occupant Restraint Recycling

Airbag Recycling & Explosive Waste Disposal Services

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Munition Services provides complete explosive waste disposal services including automotive occupant restraint recycling. Deploying airbags prior to placing them in the trash was, at one time, manufacturer recommended and common practice. It is no longer legal to deploy and then dispose of automotive airbags in the trash. We can safely handle your inflators and airbag modules as hazardous material for recycle, not hazardous waste.

We can handle your inflators and airbag modules as hazardous material for recycle, or as hazardous waste.
Automotive Occupant Restraint Materials Handled:
  • Igniters/Initiators
  • Inflators
  • Seat Belt Pretensioners
  • Propellants/Gas Generants
  • Explosive Contaminated Manufacturing Waste (Trash)
  • Non-combustible contaminated materials (eg. metals, machinery)
We Provide Assistance with:
  • Hazardous Waste Characterization & Evaluation (on-site if needed)
  • Obtaining EPA Hazardous Waste Generator Numbers
  • Preparation of Waste Characterization Profiles
  • Obtaining DOT classifications and shipping authorizations
  • On-Site DOT Complaint Packaging, Labeling, and Marking
  • Preparation of Hazardous Waste and Manifests and Land Ban Forms
  • Preparation of Non-Hazardous Waste Manifests or Bill of Landing
  • Transportation Arrangements

    Benefits of Our Services:

    • Your Liability is Limited by using our expertise with your regulatory compliance and required documentation and by using controlled incineration versus open burning/open detonation to minimize potential for long-term liability
    • We handle all of your waste materials with the highest level of safety, security, and accountability
    • We ensure your ash and recyclable materials are properly handled

    Our Facilities and Operations:

    • Are permitted and comply with EPA RCRA, MACT, and NPDES regulations
    • Comply with ATF and OSHA regulations, and DoD Contractors Safety Manual for safety and security requirements

    Safety and Security

    • Highly trained employees
    • 24-hour security surveillance
    • Continuous process control
    • Video monitoring of operations, gates and magazines
    • Hazard reviews of all wastes and operations
    • Controlled access to waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities
    • Computerized waste tracking for accountability
    • High security magazines with IDS
    • ISO 9001-2008 Registere
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