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120mm IM HE-T


120mm IM HE-T

120mm IM HE-T™

Insensitive Munition High Explosive-Tracer
New Tactical Capability

The 120mm IM HE-T™ High Explosive Cartridge provides the armor forces with a devastatingly powerful HE warhead that greatly improves infantry support capability.

The IM HE-T™ will complement the tank’s current main gun ammunition with an Insensitive full-bore HE warhead capable of defeating a target set that includes bunkers, fortifications, light armor and personnel.

The two-mode hand-settable fuze allows the tank commander to select a point detonating (PD) function for maximum fragmentation/blast, or a delay function for detonation after target penetration.

  • Insensitive warhead and propellant
  • Excellent accuracy and increased lethality out to extended line of sight
  • Over twice the HE compared to current in-service HEAT
Slow Motion Video Showing  IM HE-T™ Hitting Concrete Wall
Training Practice rounds available:
  • Inert charge with tracer
  • Spotting charge with tracer
120mm IM HE-T Technical Specifications
Cartridge weight 25 kg
Projectile weight 16 kg
Cartridge length 943 mm
Fuze Point Detonating and Delay*
Tracer burning distance > 4000m
Muzzle velocity >1,000 m/s
Target accuracy (S.D.) < 0.30 mils
Explosive charge 3.2 kg IM Explosive

*Fuze fulfills requirements in accordance with MIL-STD 1316 and STANAG 4187


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