30mm X 113 Lightweight Ammunition


30mm X 113 Lightweight Ammunition

30mm x 113 Lightweight Dual Purpose Ammunition Suite

M789 High Explosive, Dual Purpose (HEDP) – M788 Target Practice (TP)

The 30mm x 113 M789 HEDP and the M788 TP are produced with an aluminum cartridge case to ensure safety and reliability and allows for full operability in the 30mm  M230 (AV-30) Chain Gun Turret used on the Apache helicopter.

Reliable Fuze Function at High Oblique Impact
  •  Cartridges manufactured in a modern ISO 9001 compliant facility with automated assembly and inspection equipment managed with proven statistical process controls

  • Both cartridges loaded with REACH compliant St. Marks Powder® 855 propellant for improved high temperature storage performance and decreased muzzle flash

  • M789 provides proven armor piercing capability with lethal fragmentation using the low impulse 30mmx113 M230 automatic cannon

  • Dual purpose warhead for anti-personnel and armor defeat

  • Effective Fragmentation

  • Proven Armor Penetration

  • 25.4 mm RHA 50˚NATO 500 Meters

  • M788 is a ballistically matched training round to the M789.

The 30mm X 113mm lightweight ammunition is compatible with the AV-30 (M230) Chain Gun turret. The AV-30 turret can be integrated on a variety of light vehicle applications including Pandur, M113, and Piranha.

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