105mm C76A1 KE


105mm C76A1 KE

105mm C76A1 KE

Kinetic Energy
Purpose: This cartridge is used in a direct fire, anti-armor role and is specifically designed for long-range tank engagement.

Description: The C76A1 (FP105) cartridge is made up of two major elements, the projectile assembly and the cartridge. The projectile assembly consists of both a ballistic subprojectile and parasitic hardware. The subprojectile is composed of a ballistic monobloc tungsten alloy penetrator, an aerodynamic windshield and a fin. The subprojectile is propelled downrange at hyper-velocity by the parasitic sabot assembly, which transfers momentum from the propellant gases to the subprojectile in-bore through a series of mating buttress grooves. The sabot assembly consists of a three-segment aluminum sabot, a bore riding steel bourrelet, a two-piece plastic slip band/obturator, and a molded elastomeric seal to prevent gas leakage. The sabot incorporates aerodynamic scoops at both the forward and aft ends to produce a smooth, symmetric discard from the subprojecticle to muzzle exit. This is accomplished by employing the centrifugal forces of the barrel and the pressures of muzzle blast to insure an unimpeded, and accurate launch. The bourrelet and obturator maintain sabot integrity and provide obturation during in-bore travel. Upon launch, these components break away in a controlled and reproducible manner when a specific load is exerted by the action of the propellant and aerodynamic forces.


The C76A1 (FP105) cartridge utilizes a multi-perforated M30 triple base propellant, or equivalent, and an electric M120 primer. The cartridge case is the standard steel M148A1B1. The standard titanium dioxide coated rayon cloth wear liner is used to decrease tube wear. Operation: Because of its advanced tungsten alloy penetrator, high length to diameter ratio, and low drag, the FP105 projectile exhibits exceptional accuracy with minimal dispersion and very high-performance penetration against heavy armor targets.

105mm C76A1 KE Technical Specifications
Type Classification Cartridge, 105mm, APFSDS-T, C76A1(FP105)
Cartridge Type 105MM APFSDS-T
Cartridge Length 36.5 inches (927mm)
Cartridge Weight 12.7 lbs (5.8 kg)
Projectile Weight 18.7 inches (475mm)
Subprojectile Weight 8.0 lbs (3.6 kg)
Subprojectile Diameter 1,025 inches (26mm)
Propellant Charge Weight 220.0 ozs (6.2 kg)
Propellant Type M30 triple Base
Penetrator Material Tungsten Alloy
Sabot Material  Aluminum
Fin Material  Aluminum
Windshield Material  Aluminum
Tip Material Steel
Bourrelet Material Stainless Steel
Obturator Material Nylon
Seal Band Material Polypropylene
Cannon Used With M68, L7

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