Projectile and Mortar Metal Parts


Projectile and Mortar Metal Parts

Projectile and Mortar Metal Parts

Scranton Operations
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Scranton Operations, produces a wide range of projectile and mortar metal parts for large caliber cannons, artillery, as well as aircraft and naval platforms. As the principle Operating Contractor for the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant (SCAAP), this facility has been in constant production of metal parts for weapon systems since 1963.
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Manufacturing operations performed at this site include forging, nosing, heat-treating, welding, machining, phosphate and painting, as well as destructive and non-destructive testing. Our expertise in process design and equipment selection continues to exceed the requirements necessary to deliver product of the highest quality on time to our customers. To date, we have produced and delivered more than 26 million projectile and mortar metal parts.

    Projectile and Mortar Metal Parts Produced

    5 Inch
    Naval Gun

    PGU-45/B HE
    (M1 HF1)
    Air Force special
    operations, high
    fragmentation round

    120mm Mortar
    M931 FRTC
    M933/934 HE
    M930/983 Illum

    120mm Mortar
    M929 WP Smoke
    Cutaway showing
    machining detail

    M795 HE
    Long Range High

    M107 HE High Explosive

    Projectile and Mortar Metal Parts for Land, Sea and Air Platforms

    Artillery – 105mm, 155mm, 175mm, 8 inch

    Mortars – 120mm HE, Smoke, Training, Illumination

    Naval – 5 inch 54-Caliber

    Air Force – 105mm M1 HF1


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