20mm M940 MPT-SD


20mm M940 MPT-SD

20mm M940 MPT-SD

Multipurpose Tracer-Self Destruct
The 20mm M940 Multipurpose Tracer-Self Destruct (MPT-SD) combines a light armor and high-explosive capability into a single round for improved lethality on all targets. Developed and qualified for use in the M163 self-propelled and M167 towed VADS and PIVADS (Product Improved Vulcan Air Defense Systems).
Provides maximum terminal effects on target with demonstrated reliability of function at range.
  • Provides maximum terminal effects on target
  • Light armor and high explosive capability combined into one cartridge with improved ballistics
  • Delay function combined with larger, more lethal fragments
  • Effective range of beyond 2000 meters
  • Demonstrated reliability of function at range
  • Bright red tracer for increased visibility
  • The M940 MPT-SD cartridge enhances the capability of the Vulcan Air Defense Systems (VADS) through increased range and lethality
  • Compatible with all 20mm x 102 systems, including all M168, M61, M197, M621 and M301 gun systems and support/handling equipment
  • Fire-control upgrade available to accommodate the optimized 20mm M940 MPT-SD ballistics
  • The M940 provides the optimum single round solution for ground-to-air and ground-to-ground applications
  • Utilizes multipurpose technology with various enhancements and optimized ballistics
  • Substantial improvements in effectiveness over the 20mm M246 HEIT-SD

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