5.56 M1037 SRTA


5.56 M1037 SRTA

5.56mm M1037 SRTA

Frangible Short Range Training Ammunition (SRTA)

Frangible Short-Range Training Ammunition (SRTA) rounds are designed for use on ranges where ricochet and stray bullets present a problem. The unique design of the M1037 SRTA bullet allows it to match the accuracy of conventional ammunition at 100m, while reducing maximum range to 600m.

Produced from a frangible copper-filled polymer, which lowers the danger of ricochet and splash back while eliminating environmental contamination.
Features and Advantages:
  • M1037 5.56mm SRTA cartridge is a U.S. Government qualified with General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada’s proprietary Non-Tox® lead-free primer
  • No lead or heavy metals, completely safe for indoor firing ranges and shoot houses with no risk of lead contamination
  • Available in Clipped or Linked configuration (tracer available)
  • Fully frangible Non-Tox® projectile design allows for engagement on steel targets at extremely close range with no heavy metal contamination
  • 100 Meter Match Engagement Range and Max Range of just 600 meters
  • No weapon conversion necessary
  • Allows for training with rifle calibers on pistol ranges
  • Training in ranges with greatly reduced safety templates
  • Training in indoor ranges where reduced ricochet and splash back is critical
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