30mm X 173 MK44 Cannon


30mm X 173 MK44 Cannon

30x173mm Ammunition Suite For MK44 Cannon

MK239 TP-T – MK264 MPLD-T – PGU-130/B – PGU-15A/B

MK264 provides for light armor-piercing capability with a delayed explosive reaction using a chemical fuze. It is available with and without Self Destruct (SD).

MK239 is a low-cost training ammunition, ballistically matched with the MK264.

PGU-13D/B uses the M505 fuze, providing a high explosive round that has been extensively used by the US Air Force.

PGU-15A/B is a low-cost training round ballistically matched with the PGU-13D/B.

The 30mm Mk264 MP-T/SD provides several advantages over the 30mm x 173 Mk266 HEI-T, including armor penetration, lower drag, better terminal performance, and an increase in accuracy of approximately 50%. The Mk264 is much more versatile when firing against structures, such as vehicles, boats, etc. Finally, its self-destruct fuze adds a level of safety not provided with the 30mm x 173 Mk266 HEI-T.


GDLS LAV III with 30mm Cannon

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