155mm MR103


155mm MR103

155mm MR103

Artillery Training Ammunition
  • Cost effective training round without main explosive charge
  • Ballistic match with HE M107 projectile
  • Equivalent precision to HE M107 projectile
  • Uses standard fuze cavity IAW STANAG 2916; compatible with fuze setter
  • Smoke and bang signatures for forward observer training
  • Reduced fragmentation
Cost Effective and Realistic Training Solution for 155mm Howitzer
  • Reduced training cost
  • Realistic training at the battery and for forward observer units
  • Reduced noise level to surrounding area
  • Reduced safety template
  • Lower environmental impact than HE M107
  • Reduced NEQ requirements for transport and storage
155mm MR103 Technical Specifications
Projectile length (with fuze)  700 mm
Projectile weight (with fuze)  43 kg
Fuze cavity  Standard IAW STANAG 2916
Color  Blue with Yellow Markings (NATO AOP-2)
Packaging  Wooden Pallet of 8 Projectiles

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